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NAACO Committees

NAACO committees and their members develop and manage important programs and initiatives that advance the organization’s mission and success. Committees serve to coordinate and further NAACO's mission and are at the heart of raising the awareness and stature of the association within the North American higher education community.

These committees include:

Budget Committee

Chair and NAACO Treasurer: Julie Vanderyagt, Capilano University

The Budget Committee oversees NAACO’s finances and programming budgets.

Conference Committee

Chair: Sheelagh Atkinson, York University.

The Conference Committee develops NAACO Annual Conference agendas and programs as well as recommending and sourcing conference speakers. Through these activities, the committee enhances the ongoing development of NAACO conferences as major focal points for the professional development and social interaction of its members.

Membership Committee

Chair: Brad Coburn, McMaster University

Education Committee

Chair: Stephanie Lee, Oakland University

Communications Committee

Chair: Jill Williams, Johns Hopkins University

To coordinate all communications including the organization's website, public relations, social networking and all print materials.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Eilis Courtney, The University of British Columbia

To interview board candidates and make recommendations for slate of nominations.
















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