NAACO Strategic Plan

NAACO Mission
NAACO sets the standard of excellence for academic ceremonies – enabling and empowering members to forge the traditions of tomorrow.

NAACO Vision
NAACO is the professional home for all commencement officers in North America and the recognized leader in the academic community for academic ceremonies.

NAACO Values
NAACO’s values guide our work. They are to be: Accessible, Inclusive, Egalitarian, Equitable, Innovative, Mission-driven, Member-guided, Future-oriented, and Open-minded, Unbiased, Forward-thinking Stewards of Tradition.

Strategic Outcome 1: Effective and Sustainable Operations
NAACO will strengthen the infrastructure and governance necessary to fulfill its strategic goals and mission.

  • S1.1: Clearly define roles and responsibility, policies and procedures that outline the governance of NAACO.
  • S1.2: Establish volunteer framework to support NAACO’s key areas of focus and strategic initiatives.
  • S1.3: Maximize NAACO’s technology resources.
  • S1.4: Evaluate NAACO’s membership model.
  • S1.5: Diversify NAACO’s revenue sources.

Strategic Outcome 2: Raise NAACO’s Profile and Create Value
NAACO will ensure, enhance, and communicate its value across the membership and broader university community.

  • S2.1: Empower the membership to tell NAACO’s story within their communities.
  • S2.2: Communicate the value of NAACO across relevant stakeholder segments.
  • S2.3: Develop impactful strategic partnerships with other associations/nonprofits in academia to amplify NAACO’s message.
  • S2.4: Conduct research and leverage data to support the value of NAACO to key stakeholders within institutions.

Strategic Outcome 3: NAACO is the Central Hub for Adaptability
NAACO will create the tools, resources, community structure, and network to inspire our members to respond to whatever challenges may face them.

  • S3.1: Cultivate a year-long culture of engagement.
  • S3.2: Align NAACO’s resources with content strategy.
  • S3.3: Leverage the vendor community to create stronger partnerships between members and service providers.
  • S3.4: Establish industry guidelines and templates for academic ceremonies.
  • S3.5: Establish review process for NAACO’s educational content to ensure the highest standards.
  • S3.6: Revamp the NAACO onboarding process.

Strategic Outcome 4: Diverse and Inclusive Community
NAACO will create an environment of diversity and inclusion on multiple levels, which creates a community of openness, innovation, and adaptability.

  • S4.1: Encourage participation/create opportunities for NAACO members of all backgrounds and geographic locations.
  • S4.2: Explore what accessibility means to NAACO and adapt resources and structures accordingly.
  • S4.3: Ensure representation of a diverse membership within NAACO.
  • S4.4: Integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within all facets of NAACO.