February 10-12, 2020 – Chicago, IL

2020 Annual Conference




The mission of the North American Association of Commencement Officers (NAACO) is to establish, foster and promote the highest possible standards of excellence for the creation and execution of commencement, convocation and other academic ceremonies through the education and professional development of individuals charged with leadership, planning, oversight and implementation at post-secondary educational institutions.


  • April L. Harris

    NAACO is the go-to resource for expert advice on interpreting our cherished academic traditions and keeping them relevant for each new generation. The professional friendships and information sharing among those who inhabit the world of academic ceremonies is invaluable.

    April L. Harris Associate Vice President,The University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Jeanie Gunn

    Throughout the years, one of the most valuable benefits I’ve discovered by being a member of NAACO is the ability to phone or email a “NAACO colleague,” asking for advice or to learn about a particular university or college’s practice with regards to convocation.  The networking opportunities I’ve gained through attending the conference have also been extremely beneficial.

    Jeanie Gunn Manager, Convocation and Events, University of Victoria
  • Monica Nelson

    NAACO has a great network of commencement officers who throughout my six years as a member have become my friends. I have relied on them to learn best practices, I know I can call them the weekend of my ceremony with an emergency question, and they have introduced me to new vendors and enhancements. Being a member of NAACO has allowed me to take my ceremonies to the next level.

    Monica Nelson Senior Manager, University Events , Walden University


Hot Topic Call: How to Get the Most Out of the Conference

Linda Bekerian leads a discussion on how new attendees can maximize their experience at the NAACO annual conference. She will share tips that extend beyond the conference, tips to getting the most out of the NAACO membership and pathway to success.

NAACO Annual Conference 2020

Each year, NAACO members come together to celebrate the professional rapport and camaraderie we share with our fellow commencement and convocation colleagues at the NAACO Annual Conference. Join us to sharpen leadership skills, gain dynamic professional insights, and share new ideas with your peers through abundant professional development and networking opportunities.  



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