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Regional Meetings and Events

The NAACO Board of Directors is now recruiting Regional Directors for three of its regions. Regional Directors have the very important role of promoting member engagement with the Association, and recruiting volunteers to host events like regional meetings and happy hour networking events. The job description is available in the NAACO forum 'group resources': 

http://naaco.mymemberfuse.com/resources2/view/profile/id/72675 (you must be logged into the Member's only site to view).

We are recruiting for the following Regions:

  • US Southcentral (CO, NM, TX, OK, KS, MO, AR, LA)
  • US Southwest (CA, NV, Utah, AZ)

If you are interested, please complete the 'professional development' / Get Involved form on the NAACO website (login to the Member's Only site, then click 'Committees Leadership' > 'Professional Development Opportunities', and indicate your interest in being a Regional Director in the form. 

If you have already recently completed the form and are still interested in being considered for the position, please send me a quick email at coburnb@mcmaster.ca to confirm your interest. Selection will be a competitive process based on experience and skills.

Please submit your application ASAP.

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