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Become a NAACO Corporate Sponsor

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Corporate sponsorship for NAACO is based on an annual contribution similar to institution membership fees.  The goal of this arrangement is to more fully integrate the role of corporate sponsors through active participation in our organization.

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NAACO has a current membership of more than 300 member institutions and more than 1,000 individuals affiliated with those member institutions throughout Canada and the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria and the United Arab Emirates.

Depending on the level of partnership, opportunities for corporate partners to interact with our organization may include:

  • Visible presence on the NAACO website
  • Visible presence in NAACO publications
  • Visible presence in NAACO press releases
  • Participation in the Annual Conference
  • Participation in NAACO Regional Meetings
  • Discounted advertising rates online
  • Discounted advertising rates in print and electronic publications
  • Opportunity to contribute an article or an interview to print and electronic publications

There are four levels of partnership in our organization:

I.    Ph. D. Level Sponsorship

Level of Participation:  $20,000

II. Master’s Level Sponsorship

Level of Participation:  $12,500

III.    Bachelor's Level Sponsorship

Level of Participation:  $5,000

IV. Conference Exhibitor

Exhibitor fee: $3,050


Education Benefits

2% of all Sponsorship and Exhibitor revenue will be used to fund educational scholarships to the NAACO Annual Conference.

Delivery of Benefits

Deadlines apply to the insertion of sponsor and exhibitor branding and delivery of sponsor and exhibitor benefits as stipulated in their respective levels and are contingent upon timely submission of materials to Headquarters.

Materials due deadlines are stated in the Sponsor Deadlines and Marketing Materials Specifications document or as communicated by Headquarters when the agreement is signed close to publish/post dates.

Exhibit Space

Sponsors have the option to select their booth placement based on the criteria listed below.
Priority of placement in exhibit space is based on the following criteria: 1) level and 2) date of receipt of signed contract and payment.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Status

NAACO reserves the right to decline sponsor or exhibitor status based on current policies that may be revised or amended to suit unforeseen conditions as solely determined by NAACO.

NAACO Meeting Admittance Policies

As a Corporate Sponsor and Conference Exhibitor, you will be required to sign and return to NAACO Headquarters the NAACO Meeting Admittance Policies along with your signed agreement.

For more information on becoming a NAACO Sponsor or Conference Exhibitor, contact us via email at info@naaco.org.

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