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Ph.D. Sponsor

Contact Information:
Drew Carlisle
(850) 906-3578

Services: GradImages is committed to providing support and guidance to all coordinators and their institutions during this unprecedented time.  As such, GradImages is offering several low-cost solutions that schools may implement to celebrate their graduates virtually: GradSlides, a Celebrations Webpage, Virtual Backgrounds, and Graduate Photo Story.  Our team is more than happy to coordinate these services with you as an interim solution until in-person ceremonies may again be conducted – at which point we’ll be ready to assist in carrying on your longstanding traditions! Please let us know how we can help.


Contact Information:
Kathy Scarborough
(317) 612-3652

Services: Herff Jones is expanding our capabilities to meet students’ needs while continuing to provide the absolute best customer experience possible. We have initiated a robust conversion to home ship products to students that planned on picking up on campus, ensuring that no matter where they are, every student can still celebrate their graduation. With institutions considering moving to virtual commencements, we are offering packages tailored to their virtual experience and are currently working with institutions to find unique ways to gift graduates something as a keepsake of their achievement.


Contact Information:
Donna Hodges

Services: Now, more than ever, we need to work together to find a way to celebrate your graduates’ accomplishments. Many schools are opting to hold virtual commencements and choosing to send regalia to students’ homes. Our “ship to home” web portals are the perfect way for student to be able to order and have their regalia delivered directly to their doors. Another option is to supply us with home addresses and we will mail regalia directly for you.


Master’s Sponsors

Contact Information:
Mike Baker
(718) 608-5341

Services: Commencement Flowers and T-Shirts will be ready to support your next live Commencement ceremony through our flower and t-shirt selling services. Please connect with us to learn how our fundraising service can support your department and enhance the Commencement experience for your guests and graduates.


Contact Information:
Danielle Andress
(317) 557-6294


Pro Pics’ Virtual Background Service:  Allow graduates & parents to place themselves on your campus with virtual backgrounds picked by your university. Graduates upload photos—from a photo they already have or by taking one on their phone—and they can place themselves on a virtual background of iconic campus locations. Graduates can create unlimited customized virtual background photos instantly & receive the final photos immediately through a direct download, text or through social media.

Pro Pics’ Digital Mosaic Service: We can compile photos submitted by graduates & family members to create a piece of artwork from an image you choose. This service can be incorporated into any virtual or remote graduation ceremony to connect graduates to the ceremony in a meaningful and personalized way.


Bachelor’s Sponsors

Contact Information:
Bob Caldwell
(801) 971-4952

Services: 42Chat’s creates complete AI Chatbot deployments to support a variety of communications needs. Our Rapid Response AI Chatbot can be quickly deployed on your school/commencement website (it takes about 10 minutes and is live in less than 24 hours) to answer all the key questions your graduates and guests have about commencement and general support.  Our Customer Response Bots help address the general questions about testing, admissions, and more. Our bots can be deployed in SMS, WebMessenger, WhatsApp, and more.  AI Chat reduces customer service loads, saves money, and is a staff multiplier – all while providing a written record of all questions (which helps surface unmet needs in real time).  Contact us to see how we can help.


Contact Information:
Stephen Thompson
Vice President Americas,
CAN: (416) 613-2514, USA: (213) 337-8552

Services: Ai-Media provides high quality live remote speech to text captioning (CART), subtitling, transcription, note taking and translation services for events, conferences and meetings. Our live captions are delivered in English as well as multiple languages, in real-time, to web-enabled devices including computers, tablets, smart phones and general display screens. We can add live captions to web streams, and to streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom and Twitch. We offer a range of services to assist with making recorded content accessible, such as captioning, subtitling, transcripts and audio / video description. Ai-Media has a flexible, global workforce of dedicated, highly trained professional captioners, transcribers and translators to ensure the highest quality, always.


Contact Information:
Michael Hughes
(720) 583-3682

Services: For commencement event leaders looking to improve and control their live events effortlessly, AudienceView Grad is the only end-to-end ticketing solution of its kind that succeeds without fail.

Integrating directly with your campus authentication system, AudienceView Grad securely identifies your students and grants access only to those who are commencement eligible. The resulting print-at-home or mobile tickets are custom-branded and uniquely barcoded ensuring one-time-use and enabling real-time monitoring of ceremony attendance.

Created as a solution to the traditional paper ticket system for commencement events, AudienceView Grad is used by many of North America’s most renowned universities, collectively distributing over one million commencement tickets annually.


Contact Information:
Jeff Wood
(214) 934-9939

Services: Balfour has launched an online graduation shopping experience for students who might be missing out on these traditional campus events because of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Students have the opportunity to buy their graduation announcements, class rings, and other grad product, while keeping these momentous occasions special and memorable. The Balfour digital marketing and creative teams have created a robust online campaign that will be deployed to students and parents over the course of the next week via email and social media, bringing them to their school’s landing page at, and detailing what is available to ensure they make the most of their time before graduating.



Contact Information:
Mark Hommerding
(515) 421-7450 (text friendly)

Services: GradPak offers a budget friendly solution for virtual graduations.  A long-time exhibitor at NAACO, GradPak is a multi-cultural company that continues to innovate in both the photographic and technology fields servicing commencements internationally.


Contact Information:
David Loeslie, Senior Direct of Sales Support
(952) 769-79997

Services: Lifetouch photographs thousands of commencement ceremonies across North America.  Lifetouch can offer memory books for your graduates through its parent company, Shutterfly.


Contact Information:

Services: MarchingOrder has developed a Virtual Ceremony product to help schools offer an alternate option during this time of uncertainty.  Each graduate will be recognized with a personalized slide, which can include a photo and thank you message to loved ones, and still have their name announced.   Virtual ceremonies create a platform where graduates can enjoy a communal moment with family and friends through the viewing of the webcast and/or engaging via social media.


Contact Information:
Jenifer Baker
(920) 593-1517

Services: Medalcraft Mint offers graduation and honor medals, Alumni recognition, ceremonial maces, chain of office and more.  Honor your students with a medal for their accomplishments. Medals can be shipped to students.  Let’s keep the tradition alive!


Contact Information:
Jon Lacivita

Services: NameCoach focuses on Diversity and Inclusion efforts at universities to create a sense of belonging through name pronunciation and gender identity in every interaction. For your upcoming commencement ceremonies, whether in-person or virtual, it’s a very important moment to ensure your student’s names are pronounced correctly. NameCoach is here to help ensure that important moment is one to remember.


Contact Information:
Elizabeth Kunde
(757) 333-4823

Services: Paper diploma printing, Certificate printing, Direct mailing services, Diploma cover services, Certified Electronic Diploma services.


Contact Information:
Matthew Redd
(615) 714-4610

Services: StageClip brings virtual ceremonies to life.

Individually recognize graduates through our streamlined portal where students create unique slides with their name, degree, photo & personal message. Then graduates create a thank you message by recording a selfie video OR using a custom Snapchat lens that creates a virtual cap and gown.

This is combined with your branding & engagement messages into one short video to be viewed & shared. Add your speeches & other ceremonial footage to create a full-length ceremony experience too!


  • Recognize every eligible graduate
  • Drive brand recognition & engagement
  • Capture valuable survey data
  • Feature academic speeches & awards
  • Receive complete global metrics report & social media statistics
  • Delivered through one seamless custom portal


Contact Information:
Chester Tadeja
(909) 248-4542

Services: We provide a service to professionally read and record the names of graduates including their majors, honors, department, and/or additional facts. We package and provide these recordings back to universities to broadcast outright or utilize for a virtual or live ceremony at a later time. We can also professionally read scripts or announcements. Utilize our 20+ years of experience in live name announcing for your ceremonies. My readers are hired and trained for this specific purpose as voice actors. We specialize in long and difficult names and have enunciated names representing more than 100 different countries worldwide. Our mission is simple: Recognize one of the most important moments in a graduate’s life and identify them and their name correctly, clearly, and consistently each time.


Additional Resources

The following organizations were exhibitors at the 2020 Conference in Chicago and may also be of service in planning your commencements and convocations:

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